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Hair Workshop with Miss Victory Violet

Today is somewhat of a fun and more personal post. No dress reviews or hair tutorials or something like that but I did want to write about this experience because it doesn’t only fit the theme of my blog but it was just an overal great experience that I would love to share with you all.

On February the 24th I had the absolute pleasure to meet Miss Victory Violet. I was attending one of her workshops hosted at Oh My Retro in Herk-De-Stad to tackle and defeat my fear of the curling iron.

I was so incredibly glad to be able to secure a ticket for her workshop quite a few months ago. It was like a present to myself but a present that I had to drive 2 hours for, all the way from Waarschoot, near Ghent in East-Flanders to a small town close to Hasselt in Limburg. My state for being bored alone in my car for two hours was well overshadowed with my excitement for this day.

I must say.. the total of four hours in my car where very much worth it! I won’t tell a lot about the workshop itself because well, that defeats the whole purpose of Miss Victory Violet giving workshops, but if you ever have the opportunity to go to one of her workshops. Don’t think about it, don’t considerate it, just DO IT. The workshops are in small groups and everything is explained very well before you go off and tackle your own hair.

So here is the curly mess that I got after releasing my hair.

And the lovely brushout that I had. Thanks to the tips of Miss VV I know how to do a proper brushout on my type of hair, which I desperately needed.


I really felt that I had learnt some very important new lessons and steps that would make it easier for me to brush out sets and do sets with something other than foamrollers. After the workshop there was time for a group picture and of course some selfies with Miss VV.


The group picture wasn’t my greatest moment, I was still laughing with a joke that was being made, so excuse my face right there…

Miss Victory Violet or Ella, is an absolute delight as a person, every bit as beautiful as she looks in her photos and so so so friendly. I was so anxious to meet her and was nervous, because for me, she is one of the people I really look up to but she makes you feel at ease almost instantly. I was quite sad when the workshop was over and that we had to leave, about a hundred questions came up in to my mind afterwards that I couldn’t ask her.

I was also really glad to have met some people that love the vintage lifestyle as much as I do. I only have a few like minded friend here near Ghent so it was a pleasure to meet some amazing new people and have a few drinks with them after the workshop before I made my way back to East-Flanders.

I think I also did a great job of keeping my hair very much intact without re-rolling it at night.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this itty bit about this wonderful experience and I hope that I can meet her again in the future or follow one of her advanced classes.


xo Miss Kitty Heart xo


4 thoughts on “Hair Workshop with Miss Victory Violet

  1. I reaaaaally wanted to go to one of her workshops in the UK but it’s our wedding month so I’m too busy to attend 😔
    It sounds amazing though! I’m so glad you wrote about it! Next time I’ll definitely book to do it! Xx

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