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First sewing project • Full circle skirt

As far as I can remember I always wanted to be able to sew my own clothing. It seemed so practical since you choose the model and pattern of the garment and the fabric but I never really got to do this with a sewing machine. I’ll explain this because you’re probably wondering why I would ever try to sew a garment without a machine.

I am a big nerd, and so is my husband, and we have visited a large amount of conventions over the years and yes I have attended some of those conventions in cosplay and I have made almost all my costumes by hand or bought a costume and retouched everything to fit me.

About a year ago I bought a sewing machine for a small price, a Singer Promise, and I started doing small retouches on garments that I had in my closet, such as dresses that needed new zippers, seams and hems that needed some restitching and changing the size of the waist line on several garments that where a little bit too big when I bought them. I learned how the machine worked this way and got used to sewing in straight lines, curves and many other things.

I had been wrapping my brain around my winter garments for a few weeks since the summer was coming to end in Belgium and we had to start thinking about warmer clothing, stocking and so much more. I really wanted some more skirts and thought this might be a great opportunity to sew a few for myself. I had watched thousands of tutorials on youtube on how to sew a full circle skirt so I felt quite confident about trying it by myself now.

I bought two kinds of fabric, a sturdy, no stretch, dark green cotton and a blue and green tartan blend of polyester and viscose. The lady who assisted me in the store advised me that I should start with the green fabric that had no stretch since this is the easiest fabric to sew an entire garment with for the first time.

It took me quite a while to figure out how to cut the panels out of the fabric because I wanted the skirt to be long enough. In the end I cut out 3 large panels. One half circle and two quarter circles, the half circle piece was my front panel since I didn’t want any seams at the front. I’m not going to explain the entire sewing course of the skirt but it took me about 7 hours to cut the pattern, the fabric and sew everything together except for the hemline. I was told to let the skirt hang on a clothing hanger for at least 24 hours to the weight of the fabric would go through it and set the hemline so it won’t get uneven once it is finished.

After sewing everything together I am incredibly happy with the result, this is going to be a great winter skirt with the sturdy and heavy fabric that I choose but the only thing that I will probably change the next time are the seam allowances and my waist radius so that I have a bit less room. I made the waistband on the larger side since this was my first ever.

By the time that I finally got this post done I have already sewn 2 more skirts and a cape but let’s just ignore that for a minute.

xo Miss Kitty Heart xo




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