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First Impressions • Birchbox


Yes for my first post of 2018 I have chosen to write about is something that I have stalled for quite a while. But I finally got to it.

I am not typically someone who writes about beauty products but about four months ago I came across a service called BIRCHBOX. For many of you American gals this is probably something you’ve already heard of or even tried but for us Europeans this is quite an unknown service.

To explain it quickly and easily Birchbox is a company that offers subscription boxes with beauty products from a whole range of brands. The boxes are small and pretty and you receive 4 to 5 new products each month for the great price of €15 (which already includes shipping). The products that are in the box are chosen by the people at Birchbox and they are based on a survey that you have to fill in when you apply for a subscription. Most products are sample sizes but I’ve also received some full sized items as well.

The offer in Europe comes from a French website that doesn’t have the option to translate so get out your best French if you would like to try this out. At the moment the .fr website only delivers in France and Belgium.

I was quite intruiged when I saw the brands that Birchbox was offering in their boxes but slightly sad as they didn’t offer brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, Dr Jart, Bobbi Brown and so many other amazing brands. The brands in Europe are more classic brands such as Laura Mercier, Clinique, Clarins, Rituals. It did get excited over Laura Mercier and also when I saw the Balm cosmetics and Davines along the brand. Those are probably what made me decide to get Birchbox eventually.

The boxes are amazing. In this pictures I am displaying the three boxes that I have received so far. Even though I have been subscribed longer, but more about that later.

They look luxurious, have great finish and are just great to use for a lot of other things after you’ve taking your products out of them. Each box also contains a booklet with information about the products that they have picked for you as well as tips and tricks on how to use them. You can also rate your products on the website afterwards so they can fine tune their picks for you.

The box of September contained Batiste dry shampoo in scent Marrakech, Human+Kind body cream, Effiderm hydrating cream, Doucce Punk Volumizer mascara and LAQA & Co. eye lighter. I already knew batiste but I was extremely happy with the eye highlighter and the mascara. I love to try out make up so this was my cup of tea entirely.

The box of October contained Amika cool blonde shampoo and conditioner, Qiriness herbal facial steam bath pods, Laura Mercier foundation primer, Dr. PAWPAW clear balm and and eyelash curler from Birchbox themselves. This box was very much to my liking, hair, facial and lip treatment all in one and an amazing primer to try out.

The box of November contained CHI tea tree oil serum for your hair, Le Sourcil by Angélik Iffennecker which is a eyebrow pencil, L’Occitane Terre De Lumière perfume, Polaar the real cream of Lapland hand cream and Rituals body cream. As you can see the Polaar hand cream is missing from the picture since well it’s already in use standing on my desk at work. I have an issue with my hands once it gets cold outside.

I was quite happy with the products that were in these boxes and with the packaging and just the general look but I do have on big issue with Birchbox which is the delivery.

I got my subscription in August and was set to receive to box of August quite soon after subscribing but after waiting for days that became weeks I got in touch with the helpdesk. I wasn’t quite pleased with the fact that you have nothing. You don’t receive and e-mail when it has been shipped or you can’t track where it is, the status just changed on the website from being prepared to on its way for delivery and delivered. Although the people at the helpdesk are so friendly I was very sad when they told me my box was probably lost or stolen and I was offered a free box. Next month when I was waiting for the box of September the same thing happened, the status change but no box. A few weeks after the status change the box finally came, it was already the 20th October by then, I had already contacted the helpdesk again long before that date and again they offered a lot of friendly apologies and offered me another free box. The lady also suggested to change the method of delivery to a relay point.

I did switch from a normal address to a relay point and I must say things have changed, for the better luckily! I now receive e-mail notifications when the box arrives at the relay point and I was very surprised that my from October and November arrived at the same time at the relay point. After some searching on the website I discovered that getting the delivery at a relay point is also cheaper so it’s a win-win.

My final conclusion is that this is a great subscription box if you want to discover new brands and new products or just love to test out beauty products. If you don’t like it just say so on the inquiry on the website and since most things are just sample sized it’s not a big loss. If you really like a product you can purchase the full size version of it on the store from the website at a discount.

Have any of you already tried out Birchbox? And if yes please tell me your experiences with it in the comments. I’d love to hear from you gals.

I do plan on reviewing each box separately from now on from month to month and I am still trying out all the products from my december box to give you a quick review of all the products.

xo Miss Kitty Heart xo




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