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Halloween Make-up Look • The Bride of Frankenstein

I was planning on getting this post out before Halloween but I have been sick to my stomach since Sunday so laying on the couch after work was the only thing I wanted to do.

Halloween is a time for ghouls, pumpkins, dark lighting, horror movies, frankenweenie, the nightmare before christmas and so much more…  but as excited as I get over Halloween I’m also always struggling with finding what I want to be for Halloween but still remaining as fabulous and as pin-uppy (is that even a word?) as I possibly can.

I have always loved the story of Frankenstein and his bride and I think she has an amazing make up look. So I wanted to recreate her look but make it just a tad more dramatic. This year I really wanted to experiment with just make up since I have very sensitive skin and also staying within everyone’s price range. So I spend so hours creating a pin-up look for the bride of frankenstein using as much drugstore products as I could.

I will go through all the steps of the process but I you have to excuse me because I forgot to take pictures along the way..

I started with a clean face and applied my foundation as I usually do, I already have a very pale complexion so I didn’t need a specific light foundation. After putting on my foundation I put eyebrow wax on the ends of my eyebrows and also put foundation over them since we are going to create a different eyebrow shape than my natural brows. I set my entire face with a heavy dose of translucent powder by Catrice. If you pat it on your face in heavy amounts your face gets a tint whiter or paler.

For the eyebrows I used a black kohl pencil to line and fill them in. You have to create a spock like eyebrow for this look so instead of following the arch of your eyebrow you have to draw them towards your temples. The rest of the eye make up is going to follow this same line towards the temples.

For the eyes I used a combination of light brown, dark brown, black and green eyeshadow. I created a new cut crease along my eyes following the line of the eyebrows. Starting with a light brown and darkening this down with dark brown and black eyeshadow. After that I applied a dark and light green eyeshadow in the corner and a little above the created cut crease feathering this out toward my temples and even a bit above my eyebrows. I finished the eyes with a bold dark cat eye, also lining my lower lash line and applying mascara.

To hollow out my cheeks I used the same green eyeshadow that I used for my eyes as a contour. For the lips I used a bright red lip liner and filled in my entire lips. To finish it off I filled my lips in with a dark red lipstick from the Body Shop.

The stitching is what makes this look so complete. To create these I used a combination of black kohl pencil, black eyeliner, white liner and rep lipliner. First I draw the lines in black and drew two lighter lines on each side of every line. I blended out these lighter lines to give some 3D effects. I added some white and red details to the lines to give the idea that there is blood mixed within. Lastly I drew some crosses and lines in between for the actual stitches and also gave them some 3D effects in the same way I did with the other lines.

My hair is the exact opposite of the bride of Frankenstein, I’m blonde with black in my bangs so I just decided to tease the outer layer of my hair like crazy to create a lot of height and volume and pin everything down into a messy teased french twist in the back keeping the height of the hair in the front and sides.

I hope you lovelies all enjoyed Halloween and had a ghouly night full of terrors!

xo Miss Kitty Heart xo



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