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The Holly • Daisy Dapper Collection

As I’ve told in my post from our travel to Stockholm, Sweden we had quite the search for great vintage and reproduction clothing. We did go to some vintage stores, but since most fashion wasn’t really fifties, but more 70’s we didn’t continue our search in Södermalm and set the goal to find the Daisy Dapper store.
It was such a fun and cute store, a lot smaller also than I expected but the people where so incredibly friendly. I really felt at ease and took my time to really look at everything. My husband had promised me that I could pick out a dress from the Daisy Dapper Collection while we were here as a one year anniversary present and I tried on quite a few to finally make my choice. With the approval of my husband and the store. The Holly it was.
It is an amazing dress I have to say. The style, the fabric, the colours, it’s just all perfect.
The Holly is a pencil dress with short sleeves and a deep bust line that is cleverly hidden and also wearable even when your bust isn’t that impressive. Mine isn’t very impressive so I was very glad how this dress fits and adapts to everything. The dress is available in different solid colours but the blue checked one stood out for me. The colours and print definitely made it feel like it was perfect for colder weather, which I needed since I don’t own a lot of great winter clothes. It’s made of a little bit stretchy cotton, polyester blend and it is quite a heavy, warm fabric.
Whenever I choose a pencil dress I always want a few things in it and this dress just ticks all my boxes.. The length has to be on or over the knee and the Holly is just in that sweet spot where you definitely feel that you’re wearing a pencil dress but it’s not restricting in any way. I can just move around like I normally would when I’m doing chores at home or working in the office.
Secondly the area around my waist has to be tight but a bit looser around my hips and tummy. I don’t really have a tummy but whenever I’ve eaten dinner to the point where it’s been a little too much, I look like I’m pregnant. So I need a little bit of extra room.
Since the dress comes with a belt (in the same fabric and print as the dress), I can easily cinch in my waist and make the dress tight enough right where it needs to be and beneath the belt the fabric loosens up a bit so I have a bit of extra room. This little extra room in that area also makes it wonderfully easy to have some extra movement.
And lastly the bust has to be accentuated by some kind of fabric ruffles, pleads or something that draws the eye there just a little bit. I want this, I don’t necessarily need it but it’s nice to have. I don’t have a big bust so the dress is a bit on the loose and roomy side in that area but the clever pleading in underneath create a bit of an optic illusion. The edges of the fabric fold together in the center, against the skin, making that deep neck line a lot more modest and sophisticated but it also contributes to the illusion of having a bigger bust.
When it comes to sizing I had to pick a size S. The XS just wouldn’t close above my waist and was a bit too tight around my hips and legs so sizing up was definitely the way to go for me. If I don’t wear the belt with it, you can see that it is just a bit too big around the waist.
This beauty is still for sale at the Daisy Dapper store in Stockholm, Sweden, their retailers or in their webshop and it is currently on sale for 945 SEK in their online store , which is about $117,60 or €99,10, the original price, which I paid in store is 1350 SEK ($167,90 or €141,60)and the sizes range from XS to XXXL. If you’re not into the checked blue then it is also available in Green, Navy or Red/Black checked. Please be aware that different variations of this dress also have different prices, you can check these on the Daisy Dapper website.


All credit for these stunning photos go to Valérie from Nimble Made, I had an amazing time shooting with her and I am very lucky to have her as a friend.


xo Miss Kitty Heart xo

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