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10 Item Retro Clothing Collection

As someone who has been into vintage and retro clothing for quite some time (I think about six or seven years now) I’ve gotten to know a lot of tips and tricks for when you’re on a budget (which I am) and what you absolutely have to get and what’s more like an extra or something fun for a more special occasion.

I have seen quite a lot of these capsule clothing posts and I must say that they really appealed to me and they made me check my closet to see I have the basics that other people recommend. But what other people recommend isn’t always what I would consider a basic piece or a piece that is easily combinable. So I decided to gather up all my courage and bring my own capsule collection.

Please bear in mind that, like all the other posts you find like this on the internet, that this is not a written rule. In fact, there are no rules. This is just my interpretation of it. I wanted to make sure that all the items that I choose can be combined with each other so you can have at least ten to fifteen outfits out of these ten items.

For this capsule collection I made my pick entirely from only clothes and shoes, no undergarments or bags and purses.

The first item that is a must have in my closet is…

A pencil skirt, in a solid colour. Black being the most versatile of all.
Since I couldn’t choose between my heavenly pencil skirt from Vintage Chic for TopVintage Boutique and this mermaid pencil skirt from Dancing Days by Banned. I wanted to show them both off.
Pencil skirts are always a good choice, they have a great vintage vibe to them and you can combine them with a hunderd of tops, blouses, sweaters and so forth. Of course, for the sake of this post. I combined it with another item from my chosen capsule collection which is this great black top from collectif clothing.
Which brings me to the next two or three items. Tops, sweaters and cardigans. I love to buy solid colour sweaters and tops because they go very well with a tartan skirt, a solid colour one or a pair of trousers. Of course I have a black version in both tops and sweaters but this cute red sweater goes great with a tartan with a hint of red in it or even with green tartan if you would like to tackle those Christmas vibes.
Whenever I am wearing a top or blouse I always like to have a cropped cardigan to go with everything. When it comes to cardigans I usually go for solid colour ones with or without the black cuffs but with a sassy prints or embroidery on the back. This green baby is one of my absolute favorites. It goes great with a lot of my clothing since I love green. The black embroidered roses on the back gives something special to it. So it’s not just a plain green cardigan.
The next items are the swing skirt and the swing dress. These are very very important to me. I love to wear swing skirt even more than pencil skirt since the feeling is so amazing, you’re not restricted in any way and they are so versatile. For the swing skirt I’ve chosen my favorite winter skirt, a tartan by Hell Bunny. This is my favorite skirt because the tartan print is so incredibly versatile. It has red, green, blue and yellow it can lend itself to quite a few combos. Plus the fabric has a nice weight to it for those cold and wet winters here in Belgium.
The swing dress I chose is actually one of two plain swing dresses I own, the other one is navy blue. I have a lot more summer dresses with floral prints, polkadots and gingham print and those don’t always lend themselves well for other combinations.
A swing dress is an easy choice for me since you can just wear it as it is, add a belt to it and also easily trick other people into thinking you’re wearing a skirt. What I do for this trick is I take one of my cropped cardigan, button it up almost entirely. Fold in the fabric of the cardigan if it passes your waist, add a wide belt so the cardigan stays in place and voila. Now it looks like a skirt and cardigan combo.
And when you just have some days that you’re not into wearing dresses or skirt, just go for swing trousers. Swing trousers are fabulous, they are easy, comfortable and look very chic. They are a great must have for me since I’m quite often in a rush in the morning and pants are so much quicker to put on than garter belts, stockings or even tights.
The last real clothing item is a pencil dress. I don’t own a lot of pencil dresses, since I tend to go for skirts more easily. Why that is, I don’t know because I do love these dresses a lot. I’ve chosen this red pencil dress from Collectif Clothing. I actually bought this dress for my sister for our wedding and I traded one of my other dresses for it a few weeks ago so I could have it back.
Pencil dresses are usually a very sophisticated choice for when you have an office job or a fancy party where you have to go to. It embraces all of those female curves to the max while still being actually quite a simple dress.
This is one is actually a rather hard one to wear. It is really tight and body hugging,even though according to the size chart, I have the right size. It just shows about every flaw on your body. So I usually wear a slipdress underneath it to smooth everything.
The last two items of my collection are two pairs of shoes that I think everyone needs, not just vintage/retro loving gals. First is a pair of black flats and second is a pair of black low heels. The black flats are just a very obvious choice, they go with everything. Wether you’re wearing pants, a dress or a skirt and they are just so comfortable. The low heels are also a comfort choice to be honest, I can’t drive a car with high heels on so when I just want a little bit more sophistication I put on these wonderful babies from Anna Field. I think they are one of my best shoe purchases to date.

The collection
Black pencil skirt • Vintage Chic for TopVintage Boutique
Black mermaid pencil skirt • Dancing Days by Banned
Black peasant top • Collectif Clothing
Green cropped cardigan • Voodoo Vixen
Red Sweater • Primark
Black Swing Dress • Hearts and Roses London
Swing Skirt • Hell Bunny
Trousers • Dancing Days by Banned
Flats • New Look
Low Heels • Anna Field
Red Pencil Dress • Collectif Clothing

I hope this can be useful to girls who have problems finding good basics or just with combining items. I know I had a lot of fun doing this and taking these pictures.

xo Miss Kitty Heart xo





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