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Vintage Chic for TopVintage Boutique

As you might already know I am a bigger fan of swing skirts and dresses than pencil skirts and dresses but I do have some favorites that deserve some recognition for their amazing quality and fit. One of those favorites of mine is the black Joyce pencil skirt by Vintage Chic for TopVintage Boutique.


Vintage Chic for TopVintage is a brand that is versatile in every word. This brand combines comfort with a classy style that is wearable on every occasion and they do bring truth to their name with this skirt.
I bought this skirt in the January sales on TopVintage at the beginning of 2017 and at first I wasn’t quite sure about it since I thought the fit was a bit too tight to my liking but it has grown on me the more I wore it. This skirt is one of the most versatile pieces that I own since it can be worn casually and also to fancier events depending on how you style the skirt.


Since it is black you can combine it with whatever colour blouse or sweater you like which lends itself very well for different occasions. I wanted to show you three different styles that you can wear this skirt with to show you how easy combinable it is.


For the first look I chose attire that I can wear to work easily, I have an office job and have to look presentable for my appointments at all time. So I combined the skirt with a floral blouse with neck tie detail to go for class and sophistication. As for shoes I usually wear flats or low heels to work which go great with this look.
Full outfit details
Blouse • Primark
Shoes • Gabor


For my second look I went for an outfit that lends itself for daytime parties and events during warmer days so I combined it with my tutti frutti top, belt and black flats. I already shot pictures for a post a few months ago for the Hell Bunny Tutti Frutti top in which I paired it with this skirt
Full Outfit Details
TopHell Bunny
ShoesSteve Madden
CardiganVoodoo Vixen


For my third and final look I choose to go for some fall/winter attire and combined it with a soft sweater and a belt. Add some cute boots to the mix and a long winter coat and voila, your winter outfit is done! (You have to forgive me for not adding stockings and boots to these pictures but it was melting hot when we took these)
Full Outfit Details
Sweater • Primark
Coat • Thrifted
Belt • I can’t remember
Shoes • Gabor


The skirt itself is made of 95% polyester and the fabric feels quite thick and heavy. When worn with tights or stockings it is a great winter skirt that keeps you warm enough throughout the day. Without stocking it is great for those chilly spring or fall days when it’s too hot to go to your full winter attire but too cool to wear breezy summer skirts and dresses.


The skirt comes a little over the knee when standing up straight and really focuses on showing off those gorgeous female curves by hugging your hips and legs very closely. For me the waist is most comfortable when I pull it a little higher than my natural waist and wear a belt in my natural waist. Since the skirt is quite long and narrow, you have to get used to walking around with it since your movement does get restricted a little. For example I can’t walk fast in this skirt and really have to focus on how I move my legs when we have to walk further than normal.
I dared it upon myself to wear this skirt an entire day when we were in Sweden and I survived it even though I could feel that my legs had been a tad restricted during the day.


I bought this skirt for €29,95  in the smallest size available, which is size 8 or EU size 34-36 and as always their sizing is spot on. It is also available in a vibrant red colour. At the moment the black skirt is sadly sold out at TopVintage but it will be available again soon so keep an eye out for it on their website if you want this beauty.


xo Miss Kitty Heart xo






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