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The Traveling Pin-up • Retro Sur Mer

I have always loved Vintage Weekenders but we only had one close to were we live in August called Rockabilly Day, which is a two day festival in Assenede, Belgium that is all about rock ‘n roll and the fifties. A few months ago the same organization of Rockabilly Day announced that they where organizing a similar event at the sea called Retro Sur Mer, which is French for Retro At The Sea.

They organized the event at Wenduine, which is a city close by the sea with a beautiful and quite large dike. I was so excited to have a second retro event closer by and really looked forward to dancing, looking at cars and so many other things. Sadly as the weekend came closer and closer, the weather started getting worse and they predicted a lot of rain for the weekend. So we decided to only go one day, sunday the 30th of July, together with my sister and her family.

I don’t really set my hair entirely that often, since it takes me quite a while to get all my curlers in but for specials events I like to that little mile extra and spend almost an hour with my arms up in the air putting in those curlers to perfection. I didn’t really spend a lot of attention to having my curls very neat since the wind was blowing quite hard on Sunday so I just loosened them up and sprayed A LOT of hairspray to keep everything in place as much as I could.


It was a lovely event but a lot smaller than we expected but there wasn’t a lot of space to park your car around the event, which is something that I thought they would have covered since they always do such a great job at the Rockabilly Day. Despite the aggravation of not finding a parking spot I really enjoyed myself so much.

While we were strolling along the old timers some photographers asked to take pictures of us and of me alone with some of the cars. The whole modeling is new to me so I struggled a little with taking poses. I never posed for a photographer before, only for my husband who also takes the pictures for this blog. It’s a lot harder when you don’t know the person who is taking pictures but I am quite happy with the results and hope I can do some more shoots with professionals in the future.


For my outfit I chose my favorite staple, the Dolores top from Collectif Clothing and paired it with the Kala Pineapple and Palm sarong from Collectif Clothing, which I both purchased on TopVintage Boutique  and my bright yellow Voodoo Vixen cardigan. I really wanted some tiki vibes for this lovely sunny day to really get me in the whole sea side vibe. I topped everything off with a hand made hair flower clip with two orchids in pink and violet. The orchid hair flowers will be for sale soon in my etsy shop so stay tuned.  I wanted to add the picture below to show the detail of the clip.

Of course, these events mostly resolve around music and cars so I wouldn’t want to take the few pictures that we took from the beautiful cars away from you. The beauty about this seaside event was that the cars were able to park on the dike itself and the combination of cars on the beach was a wonderful sight to see. I made some of them even more beautiful.



Full Outfit Details 

TopCollectif Clothing bought on TopVintage Boutique

SkirtCollectif Clothing bought on TopVintage Boutique

CardiganVoodoo Vixen

Sunglasses • Collectif Clothing bought on TopVintage Boutique

PurseDancing Days by Banned 

Hair flower • MissKittyHeart Hairflowers


A big thank you to Eddy De Smet, Peter Vandewalle and JP De Wit for the lovely photos.


xo Miss Kitty Heart xo



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