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Oranges and the Laneway • Dancing Days by Banned

Dancing Days by Banned is one of those brands that every now and then releases items that just want to make me jump up in the air of excitement and the laneway with its bright and popping colours was one of those items this year. It’s safe to say that I love swing dresses but this one is very special to me. The Laneway is just one of those dresses that makes you smile and nothing but smile. Making you dream away to Italian regions with orange trees as far as the eye can see, this dress makes you feel like you are on a holidays in foreign regions with no worries on your mind at all.
The cut of the dress is very eye pleasing. The top of the dress is tight and very form fitting with a lovely bust where the fabric folds over one another to give it just a little more va va voom to your bust without showing to much. The top also has two straps attached to it which can me tied into a glamorous bow in the back. It is a more difficult dress when it comes to undergarments since, as you can also spot in the picture below, I have a hard time hiding my bra with the low back.
The skirt isn’t a full circle skirt but it is gathered, which I love. You can definitely wear this dress with or without petticoat which is a big yes for me, the bow in the back also ensures that you don’t need a belt to create some extra definition to your waist since you can tie it as tight as you want. I tied it as tight as I possibly could since I need the extra definition. I don’t have an hourglass figure and am more of pear shape, which means I have almost no difference in measurements around the bust and waist but wider hips.
You can combine the laneway with a different range of colours since the dress has so many in it. For these pictures I combined it with my dark green voodoo vixen cardigan, big pink/yellow rose hair flower clips and my pale blue lacey B.A.I.T heels. You can read a review of these dream shoes here.
 Full Outfit Details
Cardigan • Voodoo Vixen
Hair flower • handmade (for sale on Etsy)

The laneway is made out of 97% cotton and is perfect for spring and summer. The fabric is a bit on the heavier side so not ideal for hot summer days. I am wearing the laneway in size S since the zipper wouldn’t close at my bust in size XS. I purchased this lovely dress on the TopVintage online retro boutique for €64,95 and it is available in sizes XS to XL, for sizing definitely follow the tip that the topvintage ladies provide since they are usually spot on.
If you are a sucker for the print but not of the cut of the dress you can also purchase a swing skirt and cute top with this fabulous print.
xo Miss Kitty Heart xo




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