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The Journey of my skin

Today I want to have some real talk. No new clothing reviews or glamour. I want to be able to tell about some of the difficulties that I have faced with my skin and confidence over the years.
I am very grateful for Instagram and Facebook with their filters that can make all problems of a picture almost disappear but underneath all those filters and make up also in my case. I have had a love/hate relationship with my skin for years. I has caused me a lot of stress and at some points even to loose all my confidence in myself.
Puberty hit me quite hard when I was about 13 years old and it had given me a skin condition which made me consult a ton of doctors since I had no idea what I could do about it. Every remedy that I tried failed me and I decided after 3 years of searching for help that I would just wait everything out. Later on when I started the pill my own doctor told me that it could be that my body produces too much testosteron, which is often the cause of such outbreaks on female skin. The pill she gave me was a gift of god as it leveled my hormones and those horrible outbreaks that covered almost my entire face finally ceased to exist. I still had small pimples, red spots and a lot of blackheads to deal with but it looked more okay. More like the skin most teenagers had.
By the time that I was 19 the outbreaks came back and even though I was still taking the pill, somehow it no longer had the effect that it had had over the past few years. I tried several remedies that the internet and friends suggested like holding your head over a steaming bowl of water underneath a towel to open up your pores, stop eating chocolate or anything else that had a reputation for causing acne, used facial mask, went to see more doctors… It turned out that my skin didn’t react quite good to products with perfume or other chemical ingredients that are often found in them. My highly sensitive skin needed calm and soothing products with as much natural ingredients as possible.
And I lost all my confidence in myself once again. It is really bad that somehow your skin can make you feel bad and puts so much stress on someone. Especially in a world where everyone has to look as perfect as can be.
Fast forwarding to now, I am 23 and thanks to my husband I have regained all my confidence and some products that finally actually helped me a lot. I am not going to say that my skin is perfect. It is far from it actually and some days or weeks I still struggle with it but it has gotten a lot better at least.
This is how my my face looks at this moment, it’s not that bad right now but still could be better
The products that have really helped me:
Micellar water
I use one by Diadermine and have sticked to this one over the years since my skin does not handle new products well. It cleanses and removes a lot of impurities that are still left on your skin after removing all your make up. Plus it is not that extremely expensive.
Effaclar Mat by La Roche-Posay
This is actually a cream to help regenerate skin but I use it to moisturize my face to be honest. I have very very dry skin and this has to be the only cream that has helped me in reducing some of that dryness. The dry skin is also one of the factors that caused acne so by almost removing that problem my skin has cleared up a lot. It is not the cheapest but also not overpriced. You can probably buy this at almost every pharmacy. I buy mine online on it costs a little over 10 euro.
Akérat 30 by Avène Eau Termale
This cream is made to take care of skin that has forms of keratoses. Keratose is when hardened skin builts up on points of friction such as your heels, palms of your hands or elbows. But it is also great to make really dry spots on your skin soft and moisturized again. It has salicylacid in it which also fight against clogged pores and exfoliates your skin
Exfoliating scrub cream, tea tree face wash and toner
These products are from Kruidvat, which is a semi beauty store here in Belgium with if I must say quite the good house brand. It’s cheap and it does what it needs to do, plus it’s the only scrub cream that hasn’t given me more problems than I already had. You can easily use it twice a week, especially when you have dry skin like mine to remove any dead skin cells. It also makes your skin feel so smooth and soft.

Clay mask and Peel off mask

These are also from Kruidvat and I love them, I use them every week and switch them. The dragon fruit peel off mask is so wonderful since I have very dry skin it really helps to moisturize some of those very dry spots on my face. The clay mask is really good to purify my face and make my pores a bit smaller.
Hexomedine transdermal disinfectant.
It is what it says it is, a disinfectant. You can buy this at any pharmacy in Belgium without prescription and it disinfects any areas deep underneath the skin to destroy all bacteria that cause pimples and other skin issues. I must say that I hate the smell of this product but it does its work very effectively.
Water, water and more water
A good hydrated body give you better health in general but can also work miracles for your skin.
To end this “real talk” post this is my skin today. No filter, no editing, no nothing. I feel pretty confident about showing this pictures to you today because I know how it was in the past. Some of the scars that I have in my face will probably never fade but I consider those battle scars from my constant struggle over the years.
xo Miss Kitty Heart xo
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