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A new challenge – MissKittyHeart hairflowers

The past couple of weeks have been a few of a lot of thinking and cracking number together with my husband. Ever since I decided to make the post about making your own hairflowers we had been toying with a big idea. An idea that would require a lot of time, effort and most of all long term commitment besides my day job.

And after that thinking and cracking numbers we made the final decision together to open an Etsy shop today and sell my hairflowers.

I have been making and using my hairflowers for some time now and I love it, so I figured why not let the rest of the world enjoy them as well. At first I wasn’t all that sure about selling something that I made myself. It was a big step and had to really convince myself that they really are good enough to sell. I’m not going to say they are perfect, not at all. We still have a little bumps in the road that we have to overcome. I already decided on using different alligator clips than the ones I’m using now and investing in some more flowers in different sizes and colours in good quality.

We noticed that opening your own shop with handmade items isn’t all that easy. You really have to think about the materials, the packaging and of course how much you’re going to ask for the product as well as how you’re going to ship it without getting any damaged to the clips.

At the moment I have 5 items in my shop. Three different roses in a pink/yellow colour, an arrangement of small white flowers and a white lily with smaller decorations around the base.

It is not much to start with but there has to be a beginning to everything. As soon as my order of flowers arrives I will be making more and different pieces of course, you will be able to follow everything on my instagram.

Also any feedback is more then welcome of course in the comments below!


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